About Tax Solutions Alliance

What We Do

Relieve the IRS pressure.

As soon as you sign an IRS Power of Attorney form, the IRS will deal directly with us. We speak IRS, so you will have the peace of mind knowing there’s someone in your corner who can talk the talk in a way the IRS understands.

See you through an unfamiliar and uncomfortable audit or filing process.

The IRS has its own rules and procedures which can be confusing to the average person. Having worked with the IRS for decades, we’re at home with those procedures. Not only can we explain them to you, we can make them work for you.

Thoroughly review your financial situation.

We’ll look for related but hidden problems, past problems we can resolve during the same negotiation or future problems we can help you prevent.

Bring your past and current tax returns up to date.

Getting your past filings up-to-date makes IRS agents more inclined to be cooperative on other issues. So Tax Solutions Alliance works with your Enrolled Agents, CPA or other tax preparers to bring you up to date.

Prepare your negotiating points and tailor a strategy to your specific situation.

It’s important for us to work with your accountant or tax professional to gather the information the IRS needs so that we can put it into a format the IRS can work with.

When you work with 
Tax Solutions Alliance, 
we thoroughly study your financial picture. We not only look to solve your immediate problems, but also look for ways to help you and your tax professional avoid problems in the future.